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Meet Our Teams

Our Staff Team

Carolyn Grieve

Administrative Assistant

Carolyn joined the staff in May 2015 as Administrative
Assistant after having spent 5 years full time caring for her aged mum.
Carolyn had previously worked as a Doctor’s Receptionist, and as
Administrative Assistant roles for over 12 years. Carolyn volunteers to
serve in several teams including the church worship team and Pastoral
care team. She enjoys photography, reading, looking after grandchildren,
travelling and most of all loves spending time with family and friends
and encouraging others in their faith.

Debbie Whalley


Debbie joined the team in July 2015 as the church’s
bookkeeper. Debbie also works part time at the Sunshine Coast University
Hospital several days a fortnight. Debbie hobbies include doing
crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. She loves to spend time with family and

David Poade


David has been employed as the church cleaner since early
2017, having 4 buildings on site to keep clean. He also volunteers to
serve in our worship team. David also drives a school bus and loves
spending time with his family and pets. His hobbies are doing puzzles,
Aussie Rules, walking, bike riding and music.

Steven Rose

Digital Communicator

Steve has been employed as our digital communicator since April 2018. He looks after our website and Facebook page. He is also involved with the Visual presentations during our church services which he has done since attending over 15 years ago. Steve likes to do wildlife and landscape photography and is a keen ornithologist.

Our Elders Board

Barbi Shipton


Barbi Shipton first served
in leadership roles at the church in 1986. Barbi is also a small
business owner who devotes a lot of her time to supporting and
encouraging people in their faith through workshops and events held in
her Scrapbooking shop. Barbi loves her family and enjoys spending time
scrapbooking, card making and singing and playing guitar. Barbi leads
our worship services and teams, and has a servant heart.

Ian Grieve


Ian Grieve joined the church
in September 1985. Ian has been actively involved in all facets of
ministry, including working with young people, Men’s ministry, Property
Team, working bees, Leadership and overseas Mission. Ian loves spending
time with his extended family and his interests include military trucks
of the 1940’s, particularly amphibious trucks, travelling, camping,

Don Martin


Don Martin has been a member
of the Church of Christ Nambour since 1979. Don is the Chairperson and
brings to the role several years of experience and expertise in
governance. Don has served as Sunday school teacher, team leader, Elder
and serves in our worship team as computer operator for our Sunday
services. Don loves spending time with his family, especially his
grandchildren. He is a wise man.

Lesleigh Ward


Lesleigh Ward first came to
church of Christ Nambour in 1979. Lesleigh has been involved in ministry
with girls, Sunday School, Kids Church, and support worker with the
Youth Group. She is a member of the Pastoral Care Team, the Property
Team and one of the Co-ordinators of the kitchen. Lesleigh loves
spending time with her family and grandchildren and her hobbies are
gardening, fishing, reading and simple gatherings with friends. Lesleigh
encourages people who are doing life tough.