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Definitely Different

Definitely Different

Life can be difficult. There’s tough times, peer pressure, relationships, guilt, shame, work, laws, opposition, challenges, restrictions on freedom. Jesus was definitely different and the life He calls us to live is definitely different – real, long lasting, rock solid. A close mate of Jesus, Peter wrote a letter which gives timeless practical wisdom to live different lives, living above and beyond the world we live in. This series of messages by Senior Pastor Barry Tramacchi will definitely be different. A weekly small group for 90 minutes is another way to delve into the topic.

July 15 A Fair Dinkum faith through tough times

July 22 Life values that stand the test of time

July 29 No more shame – a rock solid life

Aug 5 Behaving differently in difficult relationships

Aug 12 Surprising discoveries of submissive relationships

Aug 19 Reacting differently when the pressure is on

Aug 26 A better outlook of Christian persecution

Sep 2 A different kind of strong leadership Fathers Day


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